Make to Work 

Routine maintenance on your car is, well, routine. Change the oil, get tune-ups, change the coolant, replace the timing belt — depending on the mileage there are different things you need to do. Appliances don’t need maintenance; they just work. And that, unfortunately, is how many people think of their computers: as appliances, not as cars. But it’s a bad way of thinking because, despite a lot of advances, computers do need regular maintenance, and that’s especially true if you browse the Web a lot, download this and that, or create and delete a lot of files. These are some of our most popular services:

  • Full system diagnostic
  • Optimize start-up programs
  • Corruption diagnostic
  • Check for hard drive errors
  • Optimize file structure
  • Organize desktop & shortcuts
  • Optimize computer speed
  • System upgrade ability
  • Repair of all Windows errors
  • Virus scan & clean
  • Spyware scan & clean
  • Windows updates and fixes
  • Repair and optimization
  • Full system data cleaning
  • Internal and external cleaning
  • Full fragmentation (to improve system speed)
  • Full data back-up
  • Format and reinstall Windows

In order to keep your computer running Your computer accumulates a lot of junk in a lot of ways, and it can eventually slow your machine to a crawl. So start thinking of your PC the way you think of your car. Like it or not, you can’t simply run your machine forever without it developing some quirks. It’s an analogy the computer industry needs to sell people: Computers need routine maintenance. To take advantage of our computer tune-ups, we ask you to only bring your system tower with your Operating System CD and Product Key. Please do not bring in cables or monitors. We also ask for a 2 day turn around. If it will be longer we will contact you. if you need help by Remote download whe you have ready install from you pc, call us

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